Rest and peace to a musical polyglot of historical proportions. I had to support a lot of folks today who coincidently needed my support on unrelated matters that were very near and dear to them, and so I couldn't talk about it, couldn't read the news, couldn't deal with it at all, because I knew I was liable to have a tearful meltdown if I indulged the stream of countless lifelong memories imbued with Prince's music. My childhood unraveled before me all day today....


Very grateful to have been introduced to such timeless and beautiful music... Click here for the link...


While I believe that nothing is original and every artistic endeavor I've ever embarked upon is directly influenced, consciously or unconsciously, by the superior works of others, it was Giger's pioneering use of the airbrush that made me realize there was way to get the images out of my head and onto a canvas exactly as I wanted them to be. He taught me that, and I never had the honor of meeting him or thanking him. An incredible artist. Rest in peace: May 14, 2014....


For those who don't know him, Derrick May is a fantastic photographer. Even before the advent of digital photographic technology, he maintained a stock of thousands and thousands of photos of his travels around the world. He's always been and remains really good at making his subjects comfortable, or otherwise capturing them in their natural element completely without their knowledge. I didn't even notice that he took this pic. Probably because the Dominican cigar he offered to me had me somewhat baked out of my mind. I didn't know that cigars can make you a little high......


The good folks at the Ambient Music Guide recently reached out to me for an interview. Really pleased to have been given this opportunity to credit the generous friends and mentors I’ve had over the years… Click here for the link...